Worthy I Am – Irene Lucas Author Of 30 Miracles In 30 Days

Worthy I AM

I’ve been thinking a lot about  deepest longing in all of us to be free of oppression and truly be free to realize and live our heart’s desires—an energy vibrant in our awareness as we witness the stunning events and personal human courage in Egypt. I’ve been thinking about how alike we all are in this enormous longing.

We have been privileged to witness staggering risks by courageous people with a single focus– to throw off the weight of tyranny and oppression—simply to have the opportunity — the chance to live, to manifest in some way their own dignity, their own truth.

We are alike, it seems to me, in many ways – each day we all wage a battle, a protest, a demonstration of varying sorts in order to face down the tyrannies which oppress us all, in particular, the heaviest tyrant, seen or unseen.

In my experience, the primary oppressor, the most powerful tyrant for most of us is the haunting, unconscious/subconscious belief that we are pretty good people but not entirely worthy of the dreams, visions and successes our heart’s desire.

The Forces of Light, Spirit, our Angels, Ascended Masters, from Jesus to Buddha, Mother Mary to Lady Quan  Yin, and all others in between, have a single, common message—we are worthy to receive, we are worthy to be healed, we are worthy to manifest our heart’s desires—we are worthy!  And we are each beloved. And no one else is more special, more gifted, than you.

You are always, already worthy.  You are always, already holy. Whether you are aware of it or not, trust and faith are alive within you, awaiting your conscious reconnection to your Divine Friends.

We are all part of the ONE, each of us radiant with the spark of Spirit within. The messages, the Light  from Spirit and the Holy Masters serve to reveal and cultivate your own (already present!) gifts, offering tools  to fan your Divine spark into the golden flames of your own radiant, miraculous Divine fire.

Believe me, if I can connect to the Divine,, you can connect to the Divine. You do not need other people to connect to Spirit for you. Let go of the erroneous belief that “other people” are more worthy (gifted, have an inside track, special knack, etc.) than you.  Even if you hold that belief, press on anyway.  I got awfully tired of watching the train go by before I decided to take a leap of faith and jump forward, and what a surprising success! You will be thrilled when you discover what a beloved, worthy, Divine Co-creator and communicator with Spirit you (already) are.

I speak from experience.  It seemed to me that someone else had a better connection, inside track, stronger gift.  My own journey in writing Thirty Miracles in Thirty Days was almost entirely one of discovering my own truth, and my own gifts, and developing confidence in my own connection to the Divine.   We each are always “getting it right”!

All each of us really needs is an authentic, open heart.  Call for any Angel, any Ascended Master—any part of Spirit (if you would like, (check out my web page—www.theuniverseislistening.com for 5 simple steps to get started and recognize how simple it really is to connect to the Divine yourself, and co-create your own miracles!).

Simple tools equal easy access. Complex doesn’t work for me, or for most people, in my opinion.  Simple steps from the Holy Masters will help you to daily use affirmations, prayers and if you choose, healing rays   to make great changes in your life.  Give yourself the moments, a few in the morning and evening, which you need.

You are worthy! You are the creator, you are the initiator—the Holy Masters and Archangels, so eager and delighted to lovingly serve, are, even now, waiting for your invitation and permission. Call on your Big Buddies—move forward!!


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  1. support says:

    Thank you, and blessings! Worthyyou are to receive all the miracles your heart desires!

  2. support says:

    Try and write at the same time every day and work everything else around your writing time, even if it is a short time. Go back and edit at a different time–don’t write and edit at the same time. Re the technical–I found an expert because of my lack of experience in technical. Best and blessings to you!

  3. support says:

    Launching a new set of blogs and tweets this Spring–best to you!

  4. support says:

    Thank you! theuniverseislistening5895

  5. support says:

    Thanks for the compliment, which I need to pass on to Ozark Mountain n Publishing , who published my book–the theme is copyrighted.

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