Rather than change similar for similar, we transform the old to new and better.
Change is not enough. Transformation is required.

Archangel Uriel, Mauve Ray for Clarity of Intention
(Thirty Miracles in Thirty Days, page 27)


Most of us can easily identify relationship quandary with others, but we are often unaware of
the root cause of relationship quandary within ourselves.

There are a lot of relationships to consider–for this moment, let’s consider 3 of the biggest in most of our lives:

  • Our relationship with our own self.
  • Relationships between parents and children.
  • Relationships or the heart’s desire for relationships with romantic partners.

ARCHANGEL Uriel, and indeed all of the Holy Masters and Archangels, offer us lots of meditations and tools to transform old illusions which do not serve us, and in fact, get in our way.


Personal worth—love yourself, yes, you. Here is where we cut away the imprisoning chains, titled “not enough” which have shackled each of us—get busy and lose the illusion of unworthiness (we show you how in each chapter). You are here to find out who indeed you truly already are—not to morph or change into some other being.

1. Know yourself to be a Divine being; a spark of God/Spirit/Universe resides within you. Not up for discussion—you simply are Divine!
Self Reflection
2. Give up the idea of unworthiness—used as a tool of control in your lives. The illusion of unworthiness doesn’t serve you any more—it never did. Know yourself to be already connected—let’s just clear the static off the lines and shine up the windows.

3. Recognize your own nobility in your daily life.

4. At least suspect that you are indeed a worthy and Divine person, deserving of miracles. Suspend, even if only for a few moments, any illusions of unworthiness-we realize we are asking something with is a stretch for most people on the planet, who secretly believe they are not enough and less deserving. Let this illusion go for a few moments and follow the five steps to co-creating miracles. The first miracle is WORTHY I AM!

5. Treat yourself as if you are your own best friend. Access your love for others—children, parents, friends, family, pets—try loving and treating yourself in the same way you love and treat the person(s) you best love. Be your own kind, loving, nurturing, best friend——try for a day, or at least start for an hour a day and build up– and begin to see the change!


Parent Child Grid


Relationships sometimes seem to be the most wonderful or the most devastating aspects of people’s lives. Love, relationships, nurturing, caring, compassion, being uplifted, kindness—all of our hearts long to give and to receive.

Irene and Louis

1. Listen to one another.
2. Care for and nurture one another.
3. Bring joy and fun to one another.
4. Do all of this every day, as often as you can.
5. Call forward your own angels or any of the holy masters as needed in a single breath and an invitation—Divine support is already there and already yours.


Example: Perhaps you have recently parted with someone, and you might be feeling empty and frustrated. This always happens to me, you say to your friends. I seem to attract the same type all the time. Soon, you may begin to seek a new relationship, but then discover the same old patterns. Examine your intention! In your heart, do you long for a new relationship? What kind of a new relationship–what is your real intention?

Clarity, people! Ask yourself–What are the characteristics my heart desires in a relationship? Kindness? Compassion? Devotion? Passion? Constancy? Adventure? Calm? Passion? Generosity? Do note that you are not here to control someone else (I want specifically him/her to fall in love with me). Write a list of the characteristics of your ideal love, follow our five steps—co create your own miracle! Keep your eyes wide open, be awake and alert to miracles unfolding, and be grateful.