FAQ Who Is Irene?

Question: What is Irene’s purpose in all of this? I mean, who does she think she is, anyway?

Answer: “I am a perfect channel of Divine Light and Divine Energies. My purpose is to facilitate clear, direct communication to the Divine for each person and to help each person discover the Divine within themselves. Everyone can then co-create miracles and ask and receive important information for themselves.”

Question: Is Irene psychic?

Answer: No, not psychic. Many fine people are psychic, but it is often possible that blurs and distortions and misinterpretations can happen with information.

Question: Well, what’s the difference?

Answer: “Once again, I am a perfect channel of Divine Light and Divine Energies. When I channel, the information comes to you directly from your Divine Friends—from Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Lady Quan Yin, all of the Archangels and other Ascended Holy Masters. No energies in the middle to interfere, distort or blur. No personal interpretations on the way to you—Irene speaks the information to you exactly as she receives it. Clearly and perfectly.”

Question: How does she really know where the information and messages are coming from? What is the true source?

Answer: “I fully acknowledge the concern from some people about the Source of this information and channeling. I always call forward Jesus to be my gatekeeper, and He and I together only allow the highest energies of Ascended Holy Masters, and angels and Archangels to be present. It is God who is speaking, and we are listening.”

Question: Why can Irene channel?

Answer: Amazing to me. No one is more mystified than I am about my clear and direct communication with my Divine Big Buddies. I think I am a superb example of a regular person being taken by surprise– if I can tune in, anyone can (strong message here to all of us, not just some of us—pay attention!). 5 simple steps, people!

Question: Does Irene channel people who have made the transition—passed away—dead people?

Answer: No, I do not. Several times, however, I have channeled messages from Jesus about souls who have passed on, in response to questions from their loved ones.