FAQ Terms

About Some of the Terms Used by Spirit

Question: What are all 4 bodies?

Answer: Spirit offers us abundance and healing in all four bodies—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

1. Radiant and vibrant health in the physical body;
2. Mental sharpness and acuity in the mental body;
3. Emotional balance, steady sailing and well being in the emotional body;
4. Clear and immediate connection, unconditional love and comfort with Spirit in the spiritual body.

Healing one heals all four, plus lots of bonuses. For example, financial and material freedoms are also included in abundance, as well as abundance in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Archangel Raphael suggests: Let us be as open as we can, to receive as much as we can.” Spirit also suggest: focus clearly on your intentions and heart’s desires.

Question: Manifesting—what does this mean?

Answer: Translating your energies into you real every day to day practical life.

An example: You ask Spirit and your angels for a parking space, because you
rarely can find one on your lunch hour and you have tons of errands. “I
surround myself with my angels and ask for the perfect parking space, under God’s
grace, easy breezy.” You then find a perfect parking space. You may be
delighted, but not so surprised. Do remember to feel and express your gratitude.
You manifested the parking space. This goes for all miracles, healings, and answers
from Spirit to your questions.

Question: You often refer to purity. Does this mean innocence and the absence
of sin?

Answer: Purity is simply a word representing the clear connection to Spirit. Purity
only means clarity—the Windex has shined the windows, the static is off the cell
phone line; all lines have been roto-rootered, and communication is bright and
clear, immediate. Basically—can you hear me now—we keep moving forward
with more and more clear communication, internally with our own clarity, and
with Spirit.

Holy smokes, people, and even Zowie! If I could rewrite my book
there is only one change I would make: to completely remove the word purity,
which seems to be so loaded with guilt, illusions of not enough, the concept of sin.

None of these energies are part of 30 Miracles. We are all about compassion,
nurturing, unconditional love and trust and Worthy I Am. Everyone is Divine,
everyone is incredibly worthy and far more than enough!

We are always interested in facilitating your Divine path. Please let us hear from
you—what questions do you have?