Expanded 5 Steps

Co-Create Unlimited Abundance,
Healing and Health in All Areas of Your Life

30 Miracles in 30 DaysEver your champions, always standing by, your Divine Celestial Army and Personal Cheering Squad are awaiting their turn and are eager to serve you. Each step is presented in depth in each 30 MIRACLES meditation. No pop quizzes here!

Relax, enjoy, take a look at the 5 steps below and have fun. Don’t do, just be! You don’t have to control or take charge of anything, or especially define the where or how of the outcome. We have only to allow, notice and be grateful for the miracles manifesting in our lives.

Play and have some fun with these five basic steps. Spirit reminds us that just because something is important, it s not serious! Please scroll below for more detail on each step.
The Holy Masters are your gatekeepers. You are safely enveloped and surrounded in Their light. This present moment is the perfect moment. Begin!

1. Holy Breath. Change your breath, change your life. If you can breathe, you can heal. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

2. Clear and create your own sacred space with a breath and a blessing. Call in Saint Germain and his Violet Flame to transform any space in the sacred.

3. Focus, focus, focus and find your clarity of intention. What does your heart really desire? Be specific.

4. Invite and envision your Divine Friend(s) and Healing Ray(s), expressing your clear intention.

5. Gratitude and attention—notice your miracles arriving in expected and unexpected packages, experience the joy of receiving the miracle, and express gratitude.

1. HOLY BREATH – This is easy, especially since you are breathing anyway! Sounds simple, is simple, but you’d be surprised what we forget to do. Refresh, revitalize, and become vibrant with Divine energies as you breathe the Breath of Spirit.

  • Breathe in, and breathe in Spirit. As deeply as you can, breathe in through your nose; then breathe out through your mouth. No need to pass out—just deep (no pause in between) connected breaths.
  • When you choose a healing ray, consciously breathe in the Divine color of the healing ray as you are moving through the meditation.
  • Set your intention with each breath. I AM breathing in the (color of) the healing ray, breathing Spirit into my heart center, in this moment and throughout the entire day, whatever I AM doing, wherever my attention is focused.
  • As you breathe out through your mouth, breathe out any energies (such as distracting thoughts, experiences, emotions, the person honking his horn behind you in traffic) which do not serve you, to help you clear and focus. Envision your exhaling breath on a track of Divine Light, energies immediately blessed, transformed, returned to the Universe as Divine love.
  • Focusing on the Holy Breath helps us to focus and move deeper into the meditation as you and your Divine Friends partner together. Distracted? Losing focus? Concentrate on your breath to reconnect.

2. CLEAR AND CREATE YOUR OWN SACRED SPACE – accomplished in a moment! Far more than a physical place, a sacred space is also a state of mind and a state of grace. With a brief prayer and a breath, wherever you are, whatever your circumstance, call upon Spirit to (re)create your own sacred space. How to bless the space? Simple as one, two, three — no mumbo jumbo here. Saint Germaine, whether you are aware of Him or not, is your Big Buddy in this process. Just go with it.

  • In any situation, at home or out and about: Envision yourself surrounded and protected in a tube Divine White Light, radiating from your fingertips.
  • Breathe Spirit in. I call forth the St. Germain and the Violet Flame of Transmutation to be transformed in to love.
  • Energies in this room, I thank you, I bless you. Call forth Divine White Light, breathe in the Light. I bless this space as sacred.
  • Breathe out. I bless and send all energies into the Violet Flame of Transmutation. Bless, breathe, and release energies into the Violet Flame of Saint Germain. Saint Germain then does his magic, transforming the negative into positive Divine love!
  • Call forth Divine White Light and breathe in the Light. I bless this space as sacred.
  • Is it really this simple and easy? Can such a clearing and blessing be accomplished, with such simplicity, in a moment? Yes. You just did it. Does it matter where you are or who you are with—in gnarly traffic, confronted by a disconcerting person, or sitting in a staff meeting? Of course not. All that matters is that you breathe and bless.

A note about creating your sacred space at home: The more you use this “home base”, the more powerful it becomes. Honor yourself and your healing by preparing this place of relative quiet, and privacy where you will not be disturbed or distracted. You only need a few minutes a day. Simplicity is the key. If you do not have a room, choose a corner of a room, the side of a couch, or whatever is available to you. Place an article signifying your connection to Spirit nearby —anything will do, as long as it has spiritual meaning to you.
If possible, light a candle in this space as you prepare to receive the healing rays.
Bless and clear each time you use your sacred space. Now sit comfortably in your blessed space.  30 Miracles in 30 Days
3. FOCUS AND FIND YOUR CLARITY OF INTENTION — Use your best honesty and authenticity, and have fun at the same time.

  • Breathe. Pause. Ask yourself: what is my heart’s desire, my clear intention? Use your Divine energies, already within you, known or unknown to you, to move forward and identify your intention with clarity.
  • Let’s think about a restaurant menu as a quick example. You do not sit at a restaurant table, simply ask for food and wait to see what arrives. You are specific in your intention and ask and inform carefully and specifically.
  • An airport is another great example—do you pack, arrive at an airport and simple ask for a ticket to an airplane? You already have a destination in mind—state it!

4. INVITE AND ENVISION YOUR DIVINE FRIEND(S) AND HEALING RAY(S), EXPRESSING YOUR CLEAR INTENTION — Rest. No need to compel, no need to will, no need to attempt to achieve. Especially, no need to control! Simply allow.

  • Invite your Divine Friend(s) and the appropriate healing ray(s).
  • State the miracle(s) you intend and/or question(s) clearly and specifically.
  • Relax into the meditation—you are already Divinely supported, whether you feel like it or not. You don’t have to be a tower of faith or experience—just be willing to be willing!

5. GRATITUDE AND ATTENTION — Make the leap to be alert and aware. Listen for the answer and watch for the miracles arriving in expected and unexpected ways, with gratitude in your heart. The energy of gratitude is in fact its own Divine prayer.

  • Ignite your vision and intention with your own personal passion—imagine how it feels to have already received the miracle!!
  • Offer your gratitude—consider the matter already complete, and wait for the miracle to unfold and manifest.

Use Thirty Miracles in Thirty Days to assist you in building the life you deserve.