A few notes from Irene about Abundance:

I am often asked: what are the four bodies to which Spirit is referring?

Spirit offers us abundance and healing in all four bodies. Radiant and vibrant health, vitality and energy in the physical body; mental sharpness and acuity in the mental body; emotional balance, steady sailing and well being in the emotional body; and clear and immediate connection with Spirit in the spiritual body. Healing one heals all four. Financial and material freedom are also included in abundance. Archangel Raphael suggests: Let us be as open as we can, to receive as much as we can.


A touch of Magenta Light sparkles within the Emerald Green Ray

Archangel Raphael, Archangel of Planetary and Personal Healing

Abundance and Connection to Spirit are already yours.
You have only to manifest.

Opening Affirmation

I AM worthy of Divine, unlimited abundance in all aspects of my life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, material, financial.
I have a clear, uncluttered connection with Spirit.

Opening Prayer

Precious Spirit, here I AM, ready for another refill of your glorious abundance. I invite Archangel Raphael, Archangel of Planetary and Personal Healing, to Divinely guide the Emerald Green Ray of Clear Connection with Spirit and Infilling of Abundance.

I have so long struggled with the erroneous perception of not “having enough”, not “being enough”. I call upon You for the healing of this false perception of “not enough”.

Just as I am in this moment, I place my faith and my trust in You, Precious Spirit, and in Archangel Raphael, to heal the “not enough” burden.

The limitless abundance of Spirit is mine, in all four bodies—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

I am delighted, grateful, and I know that I can return to the spiritual well for refills in a thought, a moment, a breath, a prayer.

Invitation and Permission

I invite Archangel Raphael and the Emerald Green Ray of Clear Connection to Spirit and Infilling of Abundance, and Healing of the Perception of Lack, into my heart, my soul, and all four bodies. I give my permission to fully allow Archangel Raphael to direct the Emerald Green Light to any part of my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies where it is most needed. I allow the Emerald Green Light to reawaken the DNA in my physical body.

A Universe of Endlessly Abundant Miracles


A child, looking thoughtfully into his half filled glass, was noticed by a man passing by. “Well, little boy,” said the amused passer by, “Is that glass half empty or half full?” The child thought only a moment before he responded. “It doesn’t matter if it‘s half empty or half full.” The little boy beamed. “I can always go back for refills.”

From Archangel Raphael:

I greet my beloveds. You are each deserving of limitless abundance. In order to manifest the abundance, to place it into your real, practical lives, we first heal the perception of lack. The perception of lack translates into fear, which in turn translates into a greater perception of lack. Fear that we will never have as much as we need, or be as much as we need, or not receive and enjoy the abundance we desire. The fear increases. Break this cycle, beloveds.

What are clear connections with Spirit and abundance? Clear connection with Spirit is the perfect alignment of your God-self, your Christed self, with Spirit. Clear connection with Spirit is the abundance of clarity in the connection with God. Abundance is the awareness and energy of having all that you need, in every breath, in every thought, in every manifestation of your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.

Spirit pours limitless refills of abundance into each of our bodies, souls, lives. Let us be as open as we can, to receive as much as we can.

The Emerald Light is the key to unlock and reactivate the DNA within our body and our soul for a deeper healing, to open and clear our connection to the One, allowing clear connection with Spirit and abundance.

Out loud, beloveds. Let’s heal it all. I AM worthy to receive and enjoy Divine abundance. Limitless abundance, I AM. Clear connection with Spirit I AM.

In your sacred space, get comfortable.
Begin the Holy Breath. I invite Archangel Raphael and the Emerald Green Ray for Clear Connection with Spirit and Infilling of Abundance, and Healing for the Perception of Lack, in this moment. I invite Archangel Raphael and the Emerald Green Ray to unlock and (re)activate my DNA for a deeper healing in all four bodies.

Continue the Holy Breath. We must first heal the perception of lack. Following the healing of the perception of lack, we re-pour, refill, without limit, the knowledge of abundance in all four bodies—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The energies of the Emerald Green Light arrive in the lower head and upper back area. Archangel Raphael is directing the light to expand, and diffuse into each part of the body. You are, in fact, already radiant with Green Light.

Continue the Holy Breath. You might feel the heat at the back of your head. Feel the Emerald Green Ray expanding, filling your head with light.

Continue the Holy Breath. The shimmering Emerald Ray is expanding down the neck, the shoulders, into your heart area.

Continue to breathe. The Emerald Light continues, now, expanding down your body, down to your legs, down to the soles of your feet. Breathe. Your entire being is infused with loving Light.

As the Emerald Light radiates within you, the healing for the perception of lack begins.
In the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, the infilling of limitless Divine abundance is present. With your every breath, DNA is unlocked. Emerald Green Light pours forth Divine abundance, Divine connection.

Mental Body

Continue the Holy Breath. Let us begin the healing of the perception of lack in the mental body. We heal, in this moment, the perception of lack of soundness of mind. The Emerald Light infuses every aspect of the mental body with the healing light, with the Divine reminder, the Divine reawaken-er.

Your cells and DNA are revitalized, reawakened to the clear connection, to the abundance of Spirit. Continue to breathe. Holy I AM. Valuable and worthy I AM. I have all that I need in any moment. Divine healing with the Emerald light, in each cell, each DNA strand, is taking place with your every breath.

Continue to breathe. Archangel Raphael and the shimmering Emerald Green Ray are infilling the abundance of self-worth, the awareness of the infinite abundance, and abundance of soundness of mind.

Emotional Body

Continue the Holy Breath. In the emotional body, Archangel Raphael heals the perception of weakness, not being good enough. Breathe in the Light. Now breathe in the infilling of abundance of strength and clarity.  Strength and clarity heal and replace, with Spirit’s unconditional love, the sense of isolation, of not being enough, of separation. I AM a radiant spark of Spirit. I AM connected to the ONE, perfectly and clearly. The ONE is perfectly, clearly connected to me.

Breathe in the Emerald Green Light as the Light discovers, loves, and revives each cell living in the illusion of aloneness.  I Am worthy of love, I AM Divine unconditional love without beginning, without end. I AM beloved. I Am part of the ONE.

Continue to breathe. Archangel Raphael and the Emerald Green Ray restore, refill, infill your spirit and emotional body with an abundance of clarity, a powerful, open connection, and strength. I AM an abundance of clarity. I AM strong.

Physical Body

Continue to breathe. In the physical body, the perception of lack of energy, of vitality, lack of well being is healed. The Emerald Green Ray is seeking the cells and DNA strands which have given up, believing themselves to be overcome, exhausted, disconnected, insufficient. Continue the Holy Breath. Archangel Raphael and the Emerald Green Ray infuse each cell and DNA strand with the vivid Emerald Light, with the truth: I AM abundant vitality. I AM abundant, radiant health. I rejoice in an abundance of general well being.

Spiritual Body

Continue the Holy Breath. In the spiritual body, the perception of lack of connection is healed. The Emerald Green Ray, sparkling with magenta tones, seeks the wounds in the spiritual body, where the belief in disconnect and disheartenment have created the illusion of a muddied or broken connection to Spirit. The Emerald Light again seeks, finds, and rejuvenates each aspect of the spiritual body which is disheartened.  A great infilling of an abundance of clarity and awareness occurs: I AM part of the ONE. I AM connected to the ONE.  Herein lies the clear connection with Spirit: the clarity of the connection to the ONE! Your connection is revitalized, restored!

Continue the Holy Breath. Abundance is having all that you need at the time you need it. Abundance is also your awareness of your ability to readily return to the well for another refill of even more abundance.

Abundant I AM. Abundant WE ARE in any moment; ready for a refill with a thought, a prayer, and invitation, and a breath. Archangel Raphael is waiting, delighting in your next invitation.

Closing Affirmation

I AM a vital recipient of Divine abundance in a Universe of endlessly abundant miracles. I have all that I need, and more, in any moment, in all aspects of my life. I AM far more than enough. I have far more than enough.

Closing Prayer

Thank you, Spirit and Archangel Raphael, for the deep healing in all four of my bodies, and for the limitless abundance in my life. I intend to return often, whenever needed, to Archangel Raphael, to re-access, reclaim, the limitless abundance of the Universe, which is already my gift from Spirit, in all four of my bodies. I intend and I pray that I will, daily, with thought and action, turn to Spirit, refreshing my clear connection with Spirit, my connection, grasping even more fully the understanding of limitless abundance in all parts of my life.

Irene’s note:

I am so often asked if we need to feel or experience physical sensations during the meditations in order for the miracles and healings to occur. The meditations rely on your authenticity, not on the presence or absence of physical sensations. Miracles occur equally perfectly without physical sensations.

I experienced the Emerald Green Ray to be warm and subtle. As with Archangel Raphael’s Jade Green Ray, I felt the energies arrive in my upper back area, and the warmth spread, or expand, to my chest, my heart area, my shoulders and arms. I could feel my heart beating, and my fingertips tingle with the energies.