Irene Lucas

Irene LucasUsing playful energies, Irene’s purpose is to facilitate–to open the door for each person to look in to their own hearts, recognize their own Divinity and Light, and co–create miracles with Spirit to live the life their hearts desire.

With Greek as her first language, and English as her second, Irene Lucas, author and channel of Divine Holy Masters and Archangels, has been a part of the metaphysical field for the last twenty five years. Irene has noticed a common experience between her 30 Miracle workshops and her other passion–as an advocate, video writer/producer, creating and and presenting safety training workshops and videos empowering people with developmental disabilities, whom she understands, with many others, to be messengers of Divine Light. She is absolutely knocked out by the devotion, courage and dignity of all of her students, and by their constant successes in both venues. When Irene presents Thirty Miracles in Thirty Days meditation circles, workshops and speaking engagements, and Safe and Strong workshops for messengers, her greatest delight is to hear her participants exclaim, Awesome! It works! I did it! I can t believe it is that easy!

After living most of her life near the beautiful, dolphin filled sea in Santa Barbara, Irene now loves beyond measure living in Colorado’s Front Range in Colorado Springs. Having made the transition from walking barefoot on the beach to boots in the snow, Irene is thrilled and amazed to discover wildlife at her front door and four, or at least three and one half, actual seasons.

The author is married to the love of her life, much enjoys and is so grateful for her two radiant sons and her new daughter in law, and feels lucky to wake up every morning and be inspired by the Rockies.

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