FAQ About Connecting

Connecting for Yourself — Channeled Messages and Information

Have some fun, ask your own questions, get your own answers, ask for and receive miracles from the Universe and the Divine. Forget about the “middle man”. Now, not later.

Question: What’s in it for me?

Answer: A really good question, best answered with some other questions you can ask yourself. Pay attention here:
Do you have deep and wonderful heart’s desires and dreams you would like to translate in to real life?
Would you like to reignite success, abundance, joy, love and harmony in your real, practical, everyday moment to moment life?
Have you got critical questions which require answers anchored in wisdom and your highest and best benefit?
How do you feel about unlimited abundance, vibrant mind and health overflowing with vitality?
I think you’ve got your answers about what’s in it for you.

Question: Good and well for you, Irene, because you can channel. What about me? I can not even be sure there is a Higher Being, God, or anyone out there who can help me. And what about this wabu-wabu stuff of meditating? I’ve never even tried.

Answer: Are you kidding? Have you been listening?
Not a shred of faith or experience required.
5 simple steps, people!

Discover you already present gifts—and discover how easily you are able to connect to your Divine Friends and co-create miracles– as many as your heart desires.
You do not have to change; you just have to discover the Divine gift which is already within you.
Spirit asks you to be daring enough, to be willing to be willing to trust

Question: What’s the big deal about the 5 steps, anyway?

Answer: It’s far less about the 5 steps than it is about you discovering your own Divine spark within, and your enjoying and playing with the Divine within to live the life your heart dreams about and desires. The 5 steps are one avenue, one of many paths to get there. Of the many more paths, but this is the one I know most about, the simplest of which I am aware, and the one which I best facilitate. Worth a try to receive the results your heart desires.

Question: Do I have to know how to meditate?

Answer: Are you kidding? Absolutely not—you just have to breathe and follow the 5 steps. (Visit out our 5 steps in Your Spiritual Tool Kit in 30 Miracles in 30 Days on this website.) We even feature a bonus free CD with instructions and 5 guided meditations from 30 MIRACLES in the back of the book—all you have to do is relax and listen!!

Question: Don’t I need to connect with someone who channels Divine energies to get the answers to my questions and ask for miracles?

Answer: Sometimes helpful to communicate with Spirit via another channel, especially as you are learning to connect for yourself. You will learn, via the 5 steps, to communicate with Spirit on your own, to discover your own Divine spark. You do not need other people to connect to Spirit for you. No one else has a greater inside track to the Universe and the Divine than you. We are all familiar with the illusion that someone else has the connection, the knack, the gift. In fact, you are the one with the inside track, the connection—remember that you are learning to tune in for yourself!

Question: I’ve always been told that you can have miracles only according to the amount of faith you have. How can this work for me if I am not aware that I have any faith at all?

Answer: You do truly need to be authentic, a bit daring, and willing to be willing. Even with zero experience and barely a shred of faith (or no conscious faith), using our 5 Simple Steps, you can communicate with the Universe and the Divine and get practical, real life miraculous results everyday, wherever you are, whatever your circumstance.

Question: I understand that people sometimes have physical sensations—such as heat in different parts of their bodies, or tingling at the tips of their fingers, or chills/goose bumps, during the meditations. If I do not have any of these experiences, will the meditation still work?

Answer: Of course, yes it will work—physical sensations have nothing to do with the outcome. Holy Smokes! I so often hear this question, and I find it so endearing. The presence or absence of physical sensations has nothing to do with the outcome of your co-creating miracles and communicating with Spirit. Some people do have physical experiences and some people don’t—totally irrelevant to the outcome of the meditation! I have to be honest and confess that sometimes I do have physical sensations and sometimes not, and it’s more fun to experience the physical sensations, especially tingling fingers or the sense of lightness. Once again—nothing to do with the clarity of connection to Spirit or the success of the outcome your heart’s desires!